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Use it as a writing assistant or get answers from ChatGPT direct from browser using Keyboard shortcut

Open goGPTgo in any site

No matter which website you're browsing, you can invoke goGPTgo with a simple 'CMD + G'. Enhance your writing, perform advanced searches, or generate creative content, right within the site you're currently on. No need to switch tabs or disrupt your online activities.

  • Windows: Ctrl/Alt + G
  • Mac: Cmd/Alt + G

Search anything from any where

Unleash the power of AI-assisted search right within your browser. With goGPTgo, you don't need to switch tabs or disrupt your workflow to search for information.

  • Just press 'CMD + G' and type your query into the prompt.
  • Experience search like never before, all from the comfort of your current tab.
  • No writer block and burnout

Improve Writing in One Click

Enhancing your written communication is as easy as a single click. Whether it's an email, a report, or a social media post, select your text and click the pencil icon. goGPTgo will instantly refine your writing, offering improved phrasing, fixing grammar issues, and ensuring clarity and coherence.

  • Just select the text and see the magical icon appears

"As a team of 90 members, we have found goGPTgo to be an essential tool for our support team for effective communication. Its impressive performance makes it a must-have for any support team."

Jay Panjwani
MSG91 VP Support

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$50 /month
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Frequently asked questions

goGPTgo is a Chrome extension that uses the power of OpenAI's ChatGPT to help you improve your writing. It can refine your text, add humor, summarize lengthy content, and even generate long-form text.

After installing the extension, simply select any text on your browser and click the pencil icon that appears. Alternatively, you can press 'CMD + G' to open the extension and choose from a list of actions. If no text is selected, you can press 'CMD + G' to open a prompt where you can input any search or command for ChatGPT.

goGPTgo is free to use! All users can login using their ChatGPT account. For users seeking faster text generation, we offer a one-time upgrade for $50.

goGPTgo is available on the Chrome Web Store. You can download it here.

We have a helpful tutorial video on YouTube. You can watch it here.

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